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My Name Is Duchess. I'm A Neko Girl. I Love Sleeping and Cuddling too. My fave things to eat are sardines,kibbles and I love drinking milk. I'm fluffy and cute. I'm very loving. I'm a little bit sensitive though. I make act like a spoiled kitten but I'm actually a very mature,very adult cat. I would also like to point out if you dont know what a neko is and make a fuss about me being a normal cat or seeing someone with me. Dont say its disgusting. Dont even say a word. I am not a normal cat. I am a neko girl. Why not look that up? Dont be an asshole about it. If your nice to me I will be nice to you. No fighting. No drama. All I'm here for is friendship and roleplaying. I dont want to fight with anyone really. I love making new friends. I dont want any enemies on here. I'm single but not really looking right now. Love just isnt my thing. I have bascally given up on it really. I can never find the right one. I believe its all my fault. I'm used to being alone but not really. It doesnt matter though. I dont why I even brought it up. I'm also a bit weird. I dont really care. Sometimes I post a whole bunch of things. Like spamming pictures. Just a warning to you all. If your not down with the spamming then unfollow me but know this if you do end up unfollowing I will continue to follow you no matter what. Even if you end up hating me or something. I wont unfollow you. I'm a good kitty cat. I'm also not a freak or a thing. My name is Duchess. Call me that and only that. Its fine if you give me a nickname but only if its a nice one. I dont want to be calling something that i dont like. Just please respect me. Well thats enough. I have probably said to much. I hope that we become good friends. I also hope that we get to talk or rp with one another in the future. TTFN. ~DUCHESS~

I love these two!

I love these two!


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